Pumpson High Pressure Systems

Pumpson Systems Inc. was founded in 1998, and specialized in water high pressure series. With high-pressure cleaning equipment, high pressure cleaning equipment, high pressure positive displacement process pump, high pressure piston pump, high pressure valves, high pressure nozzles, seawater desalination..etc. We have the complete high-pressure related accessories and high-pressure water equipments to meet the customers’ different demands. Such as: surface cleaning, deburring machined parts, circuit board cleaning, ship bridges pipe heat exchanger tank cleaning, paint and rust removal for ship and bridge, waterways cleaning, cement asphalt surface removal…etc.; Provide convenient as well as speedy programs of high-pressure water application and any problems of various application for electronics, electroplating, steel, aluminum, industrial cleaning, municipal cleaning, desalination, sewage treatment, steel mills and phosphorus removal, oil drilling industrial cleaning, paper mills, sugar mills, shipbuilding and other industries and fields.

Pumpson Agency

Pumpson is exclusive agent duly authorized by American CAT PUMPS and the United Kingdom HUGHES PUMPS high pressure piston pump, and sell high-pressure pumps and related accessories: pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, water filter, high-pressure damper, high pressure spray gun and so on. These are suitable for heavy duty operation, types of cleaning and cutting. Other related products and professional accessories : ENZ sewer cleaning rotating nozzles, the German high-pressure pumps, Italian high-pressure pumps, all kinds of high pressure relief valves, high-pressure safety valves, high-pressure unloading valves, high foot valves, high pressure dampers (accumulator, buffer), high-pressure spray guns, high pressure rotating nozzles, high pressure hoses, safety protective clothing and other accessories.

Pumpson's concept

With experiences in the industry for years, we expect to give customers excellent service and product quality. Providing efficient service and competitive prices to meet customer demands is the principle and objective we consistently adhered to.