High-pressure Cleaning System

Pumpson Systems.Inc. was founded in 1998, specializing in the research and development and production of high-pressure water machines, such as high-pressure washers, ultra-high-pressure cleaning machines, coolant through spindles, high-pressure testers, desalination equipments, sewage recovery equipments and other high-pressure water process equipments. We have a complete line of high-pressure pumps and accessories, such as high-pressure displacement process pumps, high-pressure liquid CO2 pumps, high-pressure piston pumps, high-pressure valves, high-pressure dampers, high-pressure nozzles, high-pressure hoses, etc. We build custom high-pressure water equipment and systems for different customer needs and applications, such as high-pressure surface cleaning, high-pressure water deburring, machining parts deburring, electronic boards cleaning, marine paint and rust removal, sewer cleaning, etc. We provide convenient and fast high-pressure water solutions for various industries such as electronics, electroplating, steel, aluminum, tooling machines, industrial automation machinery, ships, sewage treatment, oil field drilling, and paper mills.


Pumpson Systems.Inc. is the official and exclusive agent of CAT PUMPS (USA) and HUGHES PUMPS (UK) in Taiwan, selling high-pressure pumps and accessories such as high-pressure regulator valves, high-pressure safety valves, high and low pressure filters, high-pressure dampers, high-pressure nozzles, etc., which are suitable for various process applications. We are the distributor of ENZ sewer cleaning nozzles, high-pressure pumps from the US, Germany and Italy, all kinds of high-pressure valves, safety valves, dampers (accumulators, buffers), special nozzles, hoses and protective clothings.


With decades of experience in high-pressure water, Pumpson has been innovating and thriving. The pursuit of excellent product quality, the provision of high efficiency services and competitive products to meet customer needs are the principles and goals we have always insisted on.

If you have any high-pressure water cleaning questions, please contact Pumpson or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.