Cat Pumps Diagnosis and Maintenance Checklist

Check item Daily Weekly 50 hours 500 hours 1500 hours 3000 hours

Filter cleaning

Oil level / oil quality          
Oil leakage          
Water leakage          
Belt & pulley          
Initial lubricant replacement          
Lubricant replacement          
Check and replace the seals          
Check and replace inlet / oulet valves          

● If not using the lubricants dedicated for pump crankcase, replacement must be every 300 hours.

● The lubricant must be replaced when the pump went throug the first 50 hours run, and then replaced every three months or 300 hours.

● If using the lubricant dedicated for pump crankcase, the replacement can prolong to every 500 hours.

● The maintenance cycles of various pump systems are different, please check it immediately if the pump performance degrades.

● If seals still are no wear after operation of 1500 hours, please re-check it at 2000 hours and then check it again every 500 hours. Replace it immediately upon wear.

● The continuous running time of pump, temperature, quality of liquid and inlet condition, etc. will affect the service life of parts.

● You also need to maintain regulator, discharge valve and other related check valves when proceeding seals maintenance. Re-start the system after you check all system accessories and joints.

● For more information, please contact Pumpson Systems Inc.