Barrel Tank Cleaning

Barrel Tank Cleaning

The cleaning of bucket and tank should use specialized cleaning nozzles and start from the high-pressure water cleaning system, with a comprehensive plan and configuration. Specialized bucket and tank cleaning nozzles have various spray angles and rotation methods, and the most suitable nozzle and high-pressure water system should be selected according to the shape, size, and contents of different specifications of buckets and tanks, as well as their properties.。

In the processes of pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, various types of buckets and tanks are used, such as chemical buckets, oil tanks, acid or alkali solvent buckets, or asphalt buckets in cement mixing plants. Food industry buckets may be used to store oils, powders, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, juices, sugars, and more. The materials in the containers are diverse, and the materials of the containers themselves are also different. Regardless of the application, there is always a cleaning step, and high-pressure cleaning is the most efficient solution.

The impact force of the high-pressure water jet can break up, crush, and grind scale deposits, separating them from the tank walls. During the cleaning of buckets and tanks, rotating nozzles are often used. The nozzle has multiple special spray angle, and when the high-pressure water jet passes through the nozzle, the impact force will cause the entire nozzle to rotate in one direction without using electricity, relying solely on the kinetic energy of high-pressure water for 360-degree cleaning. The rotation speed is related to the adjustment of the high-pressure water pressure.

The cleaning effect of 3D rotating nozzles is excellent. The hydraulic non-dead angle mechanical structure generated by the high-pressure water jet can make the nozzle rotate regularly, ensuring that each path of the high-pressure water jet is different, and ensuring that the cleaning is thorough during the cleaning operation. They are widely used in the cleaning of medium to large-sized buckets and tanks. There are also motor-driven rotating nozzles on the market, which are not limited by high or low water pressure and can rotate themselves at a more regular and uniform speed.

Pumpson has a professional plan for bucket and tank cleaning systems. Based on the specifications of your buckets and tanks, the properties of their contents, the required cleaning effect and cycle, we can design and assemble a complete set of high-pressure pumps, pipelines, valves, etc., and select appropriate nozzles and control systems to provide you with the most efficient bucket and tank cleaning solutions.