How to Choose Industrial High-Pressure Cleaning Equipment

When purchasing a industrial high-pressure cleaning equipment, you will want to save time, effort and cost. We can provide you with professional advice and suitable equipment according to your usage conditions and desired results.

Select an Industrial High-Pressure Pump

High-pressure pumps are available in a wide range of sizes and features. For applications in the steel industry, machining industry, etc., it is important to choose a type that can operate 24 hours a day and has a low frequency of maintenance so as not to affect production efficiency, rather than simply taking price as a consideration. Of course, in addition to the quality of the pump itself, the overall compatibility and maintenance of the system will also determine whether it can bring you benefits or affect the operation of your production line.。

High-Pressure Water System and its Accessories

High-pressure water systems usually use plunger-type pumps, which operate with pulses and require appropriate pressure regulator valves, unloader valves and safety valves, as well as filtering devices at the inlet to ensure system stability, and additional dampers and pressure gauges.

Protection for High-Pressure Water System - Over-Pressure

If a dry jet is used at the discharge end of the high-pressure water system, a high quality unloader valve is essential. The unloader valve is installed between the gun and the regulator valve. When the gun is released, the high pressure water will be discharged from the system or returned to the water cabinet through the unloader valve to avoid overpressurization of the system and shorten the life of the equipment.

Protection for High-Pressure Water System - Overheat

When the high pressure water is bypassed back to the system through the pressure regulator valve or unloader valve, the long term internal circulation will cause the water temperature to continue to rise, and when the water temperature exceeds the temperature limit of the water seal, the water seal will be damaged and the pressure cannot be built up. Therefore, an overheating protection device, such as a hot water discharge valve, will be installed in the return line; when the water temperature is too high, the hot water will be discharged to accelerate the speed of cold water entering the system to cool it down.果。

Filters are Necessary for Extending the Lifespan of High-Pressure Pumps

The use of a quality filter and careful maintenance is one of the keys to extending the life of a high-pressure pump. The water seal in a high-pressure pump can be worn down by impurities in the fluid, even if the water is generally considered clean enough for domestic use, but there are still tiny minerals in it. In very extreme cases, the water seal of a pump that could run continuously for thousands of hours can be worn in just a few hours. In addition, impurities in the fluid can also shorten the life of the unloader valve, damper, high pressure hose, and especially the high pressure nozzle.

Other Accessories for High-Pressure Cleaning Equipments

In addition to the main heart of the high-pressure pump, other components also affect the performance of the high-pressure cleaning system.

High-Pressure Nozzle

For example, if copper or stainless steel nozzles are used, the high pressure water may expand the holes in a few hours, and the pressure of the high pressure water will gradually decrease. Materials that are harder than the first two are, in order, tungsten steel, ceramic, and gemstone nozzles.

High-Pressure Gauge

This gauge not only shows the fluid pressure reading, but also can be used to identify the status of the high pressure water system. If the nozzle is blocked, it will cause abnormally high pressure; if the nozzle is enlarged, the pressure will decrease. If the check valve is leaking, the pressure will fluctuate abnormally but regularly.


This equipment can be installed at the inlet or outlet end to reduce the pulse and vibration in the water supply line or high pressure line, which can increase the life of the line and equipment. It is recommended that high-flow and high-pressure equipment should be equipped with a pulse damper.