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Projectile Tube Cleaning

Tube heat exchangers are essential equipment in traditional heavy industrial production lines, and large industries such as oil refining, chemical material processing, steelmaking, power generation, and papermaking have a high dependence on this equipment. Ensuring that the equipment can operate normally and efficiently is a basic requirement for maintaining productivity standards.




Projectile provides specialized equipment for cleaning the inside of heat exchanger tubes. It is efficient and time-saving, maintaining production line efficiency, reducing operating costs, and enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise. It uses special nozzles with appropriate diameters, pushed by high-pressure jet, with special scraping blades attached to the nozzles to scrape the blockage inside the tube wall. The material of the nozzle scraper can be stainless steel, plastic, or special U-shaped bent stainless steel nozzles for tube walls, or nylon brushes or steel brushes, etc., to suit different pipe forms and blockage conditions. The nozzles can be reused multiple times, saving costs. The overall system requires high-flow, low-pressure water units, Projectile nozzles, and specialized guns. Compared to typical cleaning methods, using the Projectile cleaning system can save several times the amount of operating time.



Instructions and procedure:

1. Choose the appropriate nozzle based on the degree of clogging inside the pipe.

2. Place the selected nozzle one by one into the opening of the pipe.

3. Aim the special high-pressure water gun at the nozzle.

4. Trigger the water gun, let the high-pressure water flow push the nozzle into the pipe, continue to flush and push the nozzle until it is completely penetrated through the pipe. When the value on the pressure gauge of the water gun decreases, it means that the nozzle has penetrated.

Projectile Products Line Up


Tube Cleaning Water Gun

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The gun is designed to be durable and user-friendly. Compared to other products on the market, its unique structural design makes the jet action smoother, reduces the load on the operator, and increases its lifespan.


Metal Projectile

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It is designed to clean tough, hard-to-remove deposits, including sludge, sediment, viscous material, mineral deposits such as iron and calcium compounds, and various sizes of organic growth in the petrochemical industry. This patented design features a durable rubber and can be reused up to 15 times. It is suitable for pipe diameters between 15.875 mm and 31.750 mm.


Plastic Projectile

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Plastic projectile is similar in design to the metal projectile, but the plastic scraper part is thicker. This polymer material scraper is more suitable for situations where the blockage is softer, such as mud, sludge, and sticky materials. It is suitable for pipe diameters between 22.225 mm and 25.400 mm.


U-tube Projectile

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The U-Shaped pipe special clog remover is also a patented design, and it can be considered as a mini version of the metal projectile. Its compact blade design allows it to be used not only in straight sections of pipelines, but also in curved pipelines with smaller and narrower bend radius. The applicable pipe size ranges from 15.875 mm to 25.400 mm, and other sizes are available upon request.


Nylon Brush

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The nylon brush is highly suitable for clearing soft blockages such as sludge, sediment, and sticky substances in pipes. It can be used in both directions, has excellent performance, and is cost-effective, making it highly competitive. The dense brush bristles effectively clear the walls of condensers and heat exchangers. It is suitable for places where metal plugs cannot be used. The pipe diameter size ranges between 15.875 mm and 31.750 mm. You are welcome to inquire other sizes.


Stainless Steel Brush

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This special steel brush is durable and has a more dense brush for better cleaning performance. It is suitable for cleaning pipelines with medium to soft blockages such as mud, clay, or mineral deposits. It can also reinforce some exceptions when using metal projectiles. The rubber base at the end is also convenient for high-pressure water propulsion. The applicable pipe diameter is between 19.050 mm and 31.750 mm.




Projectile Products Specification

Size Metal Projectile U-tube Projectile Plastic Projectile Nylon Brush Stainless Steel Brush
5/8 * 16 58-16M 58-16MU - 58-16B 58-16SSB
5/8 * 18 58-18M 58-18MU - 58-18B 58-18SSB
5/8 * 20 58-20M 58-20MU - 58-20B 58-20SSB
5/8 * 22 58-22M 58-22MU - 58-22B 58-22SSB
3/4 * 16 34-16M 34-16MU - 34-16B 34-16SSB
3/4 * 18 34-18M 34-18MU - 34-18B 34-18SSB
3/4 * 20 34-20M 34-20MU - 34-20B 34-20SSB
3/4 * 22 34-22M 34-22MU - 34-22B 34-22SSB
7/8 * 16 78-16M 78-16MU 78-16P 78-16B 78-16SSB
7/8 * 18 78-18M 78-18MU 78-18P 78-18B 78-18SSB
7/8 * 20 78-20M 78-20MU 78-20P 78-20B 78-20SSB
7/8 * 22 78-22M 78-22MU 78-22P 78-22B 78-22SSB
1" * 16 1-16M 1-16MU 1-16P 1-16B 1-16SSB
1" * 18 1-18M 1-18MU 1-18P 1-18B 1-18SSB
1" * 20 1-20M 1-20MU 1-20P 1-20B 1-20SSB
1" * 22 1-22M 1-22MU 1-22P 1-22B 1-22SSB
1 1/8 * 16 118-16M 118-16MU - 118-16B 118-16SSB
1 1/8 * 18 118-18M 118-18MU - 118-18B 118-18SSB
1 1/8 * 20 118-20M 118-20MU - 118-20B 118-20SSB
1 1/8 * 22 118-22M 118-22MU - 118-22B 118-22SSB
1 1/4 * 16 114-16M 114-16MU - 114-16B 114-16SSB
1 1/4 * 18 114-18M 114-18MU - 114-18B 114-18SSB
1 1/4 * 20 114-20M 114-20MU - 114-20B 114-20SSB
1 1/4 * 22 114-22M 114-22MU - 114-22B 114-22SSB